Download NCLEX Audio Lectures by Mark Klimek Free


Download NCLEX Audio Lectures by Mark Klimek Free

Sample of Audio Lectures

  1. As pH goes, so does my Pt! Except for K

pH ↓ Pt goes ↓ (HR, RR, all vitals) K goes

pH ↑ Pt goes ↑ K goes ↓

Except for K–it does the opposite

pH ↑: Alkalosis

  • Seizures, hyperactivity, borborgemy (↑BS)

Kausmal breathing = MacKausamal (Metabolic Acidosis breathing)

Lung: Respiratory

Everything else: Metabolic When you don’t know: it’s probably metabolic acidosis (It’s super common.

2. High-Pressure Alarm

  • Obstructed airflow
  • Having to use too much pressure
  • Kinks, water collection in tube, mucous
  • Turn, cough, deep breathe

3. Low-Pressure Alarm

  • ↓ Resistance – machine finding job too easy
  • Disconnected tube
  • 02 sensor disconnected

4. A Mean Old Mycin

Amino Glycosides only treat Mean old Infections!

True mean old Mycins don’t have “Thro”

If it has “Thro” – Thro it away!

  • Ex: Zithromycin

Mean Old Mycins destroy ears (ototoxicity) and kidneys (nephrotoxicity)

Must check Creatinine for Nephrotoxicity – NOT urine output

5. Toxic to Cranial nerve 8 give q8h

Mean Old Mycins do NOT get absorbed – they go in and out and sterilize/clean

  • PO Mean Old Mycins is for bowel sterilizing
  • NeoMYCIN
  • KanoMYCIN

Who can sterilize my bowel?? NEO KAN!

Download NCLEX Audio Lectures by Mark Klimek Free

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          • It is not working for me, either. I have the printables that go with the audio. Still, no audio I had to download “DocToPDF” thinking that would allow me access (because that is what it said-so I hope I don’t have a virus, now:-() I have updated to Catalina, recently. about a month ago, they worked fine for me from my phone. Now, neither my phone or my home system will allow any audio.

          • Hello Lisa Hayes, kindly check links now, the older one got deleted, kindly check these Links now. More Lectures will be added soon.

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